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The girls start out ragged and tired looking and after their makeover they have become hot whores ready to hit the streets.

Niche: Black Teens
Site reviewed: Feb 26, 2009

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Pimp My Black Teen
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Site quality4.0
Update frequency2.0
Site usability3.5
Content amount4.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating3.5
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Pimp My Black Teen Overview

There was a time when makeover shows were a big hit. They would bring in ugly chicks and give them plastic surgery and dental work and fashion makeovers. They would turn them into beautiful, flawless girls and when the show was over you’d be amazed at what could be done with a little bit of cutting. Pimp My Black Teen is kind of like those shows except the goal is to change a girl that’s already beautiful but doesn’t know how to dress herself to be nice and slutty.

They find black babes on the street and bring them back to the studio to make them look all pretty and slutty. They’re doing their hair and makeup and turning them into lusty whores ready to make some money for their new pimp. It looks like a real good time and you can get a taste of the action by visiting the tour for Pimp My Black Teen. Check out free before and after pictures of the ladies and watch free preview videos that attempt to get you horny and ready to play.

Members Area of the Pimp My Black Teen Site

Pimp My Black Teen has not been updated in almost a year. Before shutting it down they were only adding new content once a month so they weren’t putting a lot of work into it. There are 55 scenes to enjoy and each is available for download at 480x360 or you can stream a Flash version. They have one minute clips for streaming too but they’re shamefully low resolution so it’s not worth even looking at them. Every scene also has a screenshot gallery and most have high quality pictures (not high resolution though: 800x600 won’t blow your mind).
Members area of Pimp My Black Teen #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Pimp My Black Teen #2
members area screenshot #2

The technical details of the content fall below what you might be used to on other sites but it’s actually pretty close to what other reality porn sites generally deliver. The content is pretty unique, at least in part. I don’t know of any other sites that pursue the makeover angle of Pimp My Black Teen and it works really well. Each video starts with two guys cruising around the ghetto (or just a janky part of town) looking for a ragged babe. When they find the whore-to-be they ask her to get in the car for a free makeover. They’re going to make her look super sexy.

They bring her back to the studio and she’s taken into a back room where they keep all the slut gear. When she goes in she’s wearing loose clothes, her hair is a mess, she’s not wearing any makeup and she’s slouching like a worn out babe. When she emerges she’s wearing sexy lingerie, her hair is teased out and looking good and her makeup is flawless. She’s walking with a straight back as a result of the new confidence she has. She knows she’s a sexy bitch and she wants to make her new pimp proud.

The men of Pimp My Black Teen have a rule before they send a girl out on the street to earn. They have to try out the good so they know they’re sending quality poon tang out for men to appreciate. That’s why the black sluts in their new outfits are fucked hard by big black dicks. It’s black on black hardcore and it’s the real draw of Pimp My Black Teen. The guys get to fuck these newly slutty chicks and they embrace their role as a whore. They moan lustily to show they love taking dong in their wet pussies. After they get fucked they’re ready to start working the streets and looking for Johns.

The bonus sites are one of the best reasons to join Pimp My Black Teen. 55 downloadable scenes is good but it’s not nearly enough to warrant keeping your membership active, especially since they no longer update. However, when you throw in 28 bonus sites you’re looking at a full network of hot reality porn. There’s another site with black on black action and two with interracial black on white porn so it’s a strong collection that you’re getting access to.


I really liked Pimp My Black Teen. I’m always keen on a site that tries something new and there’s no doubt that they worked hard to develop a unique approach to porn. They’re turning regular black babes into hot black whores and fucking them hard before they send them onto the streets looking for cock. The videos are downloadable and while they’re not as high quality as they could be I didn’t find them objectionable. I was certainly able to whip it out and get off to them. The bonus sites are impressive and with so many to check out you’ll never run out of reality porn.

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