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Pimp 4 a Day

If youíre picked as the pimp (youíve got to be black) then you get to spend your day fucking hot black chicks. Theyíre your hoes and youíre their master.

Niche: Ebony in Groupsex
Site reviewed: Dec 04, 2007

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Pimp 4 a Day
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Site quality3.0
Update frequency4.0
Site usability4.5
Content amount2.0
User rating *4.0
Overall rating3.5
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Pimp 4 a Day Overview

Pimp 4 a Day is a reality site where a black man is chosen to be a pimp for a day. That basically means he gets to try out his product, which in this case is sexy black hoes. The girls go out on the town and look for a black man. When they find a suitable guy they ask if heíd like to try being a pimp for a little while and then they bring him back to their pad for a hot fuck session. As reality setups go itís a pretty good one and really, the setup matters very little as long as the chicks are hot and the sex is good.

On the free tour you can get some idea of what the content is going to look like. They provide small previews of a few of the episodes, including trailers. You can read a short description of the scenes, check out a few small pictures and then watch that trailer to get a sample of the video quality and see what the hardcore sex is like. Most of the hoes are pretty good looking and watching them fuck should be a pleasure for lovers of black pussy and ass.

Members Area of the Pimp 4 a Day Site

Pimp 4 a Day is well designed and easy to use. The latest episode is the first thing youíll see and thatís followed by six more recently added scenes, or so they say. The truth is the site hasnít been updated in months, maybe years. What they have here now is what theyíre going to have forever, unless for some reason theyíre inspired to create new content. If you look at the rest of the reality sites in the bonus network youíll come to the conclusion that a development of that nature is highly unlikely. While the content is decent, they didnít put a lot of effort into creating this site.
Members area of Pimp 4 a Day #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Pimp 4 a Day #2
members area screenshot #2

First up youíve got the picture galleries, of which there are 18. Theyíre all high quality shots taken during the hardcore scenes and they provide a nice warm-up while you wait for your video to download or if you simply prefer still images (if thatís the case this is the wrong site for you). The only reason to join Pimp 4 a Day is to see the videos. There are 22 episodes and each can be downloaded in Windows Media or QuickTime format. Most scenes are exceptionally long at 35-55 minutes; although that includes an awful lot of filler where they talk to the perspective pimp, convince him to come with them, etc.

One of the good things about being a pimp is that you get to fuck two women at once an awful lot, or at least thatís what Pimp 4 a Day will have you believing. Most of the scenes feature two chicks fucking one guy and I canít help but feel a little bit jealous. They ebony babes they case as the hoes are good looking and exceptionally sexy. They seem to get off on pleasuring a well hung black man. Most scenes have blowjobs and pussy fucking but on occasion youíll find anal sex too. The ladies usually share the guyís cumshot.

Unfortunately, there are only 22 scenes at Pimp 4 a Day, and as I mentioned thatís all there ever will be. That lack of content and the fact that the videos are only available at 320x240 makes it feel as though the site was hastily put together to capitalize on the reality craze. As I also mentioned, youíll find that all the bonus sites feel the same way; at least the reality bonus sites. There are seven solo teen sites you get access to that are quite excellent and nearly 50 other sites that are mostly crap.


Pimp 4 a Day is a cheap reality site that offers downloadable videos where two black chicks pick up and fuck a black man. Itís a twist on the typical reality theme in that the ladies are the ones in the van doing the hunting, but production values simply arenít up to par. The site was hastily slapped together and has since been abandoned. The video quality is low and if you canít put up with that then this one is a wash. If you can then itís good for a monthís membership.

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i like ebony hardcore pimp my ass
Comment added: Sep 29, 2008

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