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Ebony Cheeks

Ebony Cheeks offers a collection of content starring black women having sex with both white and black guys. There are solo sets as well.

Niche: Black
Site reviewed: Nov 30, 2007

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Ebony Cheeks
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Site quality2.0
Update frequency3.5
Site usability4.0
Content amount1.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating2.5
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Ebony Cheeks Overview

Ebony Cheeks is a hardcore ebony site that features black chicks having sex with other chicks, white guys and black dudes. I donít know much about the site from a first impression of the tour other than they feel just fine telling you all sorts of lies before you plunk down your money. For instance, they claim to have more than 25,000 hardcore ebony photos, which is almost certainly not true. If it were, theyíd show us a few more of them.

Also, they claim 125,000 streaming XXX videos with explicit black and interracial action, which is once again definitely not true. Thereís no site on the planet that has that many videos Ė not even those DVD download sites. The most egregious of all is the claim of live 24/7 sex shows and the implication that you can see them for free. Any experienced web surfer knows that live webcam shows are never free, at least not those available 24/7. Letís take a look inside and see whatís really going on.

Members Area of the Ebony Cheeks Site

The memberís main page is littered with links to various content sections, although very little of it actually features black chicks. At the top are links to five picture galleries, all of which are decent Ė good start. Below that thereís a link to one ebony video feed and then a few that feature white chicks and one link to the live sex shows. You can chat with the babes for free but they wonít take off their clothes until you pay the $1.99 per minute fee. Also, there are very few if any ebony babes available in those chats Ė that sucks.
Members area of Ebony Cheeks #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Ebony Cheeks #2
members area screenshot #2

The content starts with the picture galleries, of which there are 24. That falls slightly short of the prediction on the tour and whatís worse is that the pictures arenít exclusive and theyíre not all that impressive. The girls are hot for the most part but there are so few galleries that you could easily blow through them all in a night. Once youíre done with those thatís it too, because they never update.

The video section is a little better, although that depends largely on your opinion of leased feeds. They donít produce original video content at Ebony Cheeks so they simply lease it from other producers. There are plenty of videos to watch but they all have to be streamed in embedded players that canít be fast forwarded (in most cases) and the quality leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. The default resolution is 320x240 and your only other choice is to go full screen, which looks like crap the majority of the time. There are seven leased feeds to check out and they offer hardcore sex, solo babes and lesbian hookups.

Thatís it for ebony content. The rest is all bonus junk thatís supposed to make you feel like youíre getting your moneyís worth. If you like white chicks there are a few feeds that offer solo babes playing with themselves. You can also play flash games that usually end up with your checking out a naked body and are fun for a few minutes. There are also jokes and dirty stories.


Ebony Cheeks is a waste of money. Itís a harsh conclusion, but thereís no other way to say it. There are 24 picture galleries of varying quality and no downloadable videos. The only movie content is streaming and you canít even fast forward most of the clips because the implementation is so draconian. Nothing is ever updated and for all of that theyíre charging $29.99. It wouldnít be worth it at half the price.

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