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Bubble Butt Orgy

One of the premiere black orgy sites with at least five black chicks with big booties in every downloadable video.

Niche: Ebony in Groupsex
Site reviewed: Dec 06, 2008

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Bubble Butt Orgy
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Site quality4.0
Update frequency3.5
Site usability5.0
Content amount2.0
User rating *4.0
Overall rating4.0
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Bubble Butt Orgy Overview

There are lots of orgy sites on the web but very few of them feature black chicks for some reason. Is there just not enough demand for black orgy porn? Do guys not appreciate the beauty of an ebony slut and the fun she can bring to a hardcore scene? I hope not because theyíre missing out on a site like Bubble Butt Orgy. They have five big assed ebony sluts in every scene and a commensurate number of dicks to fill those hot pussies.

The tour gives you lots of small pictures to tempt your balls into joining. They show the sluts getting fucked and sucking cock and thereís always one picture of the entire scene going down. To see six or seven black sluts sitting on cock or sucking cock is a pretty stunning thing. I was pleased to find that they also offer free sample videos to turn you on. Click the little link and youíll be swept away to a world where black orgy porn is the norm and you can feel right at home stroking it to these beauties.

Members Area of the Bubble Butt Orgy Site

There are only 22 scenes at Bubble Butt Orgy but I donít actually hold that against them. Most of the time you might think it would be a waste to join a site with so little content but in this case what theyíve produced is relatively unique or at least rare so itís worth a second look. Every scene features at least five girls but there are a few with six, seven, eight or more babes. Thatís a guaranteed good time for you horny orgy lovers, especially if you like black babes.
Members area of Bubble Butt Orgy #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Bubble Butt Orgy #2
members area screenshot #2

Any orgy is not easy to pull off. You have to pay a whole bunch of people to suck and fuck and it canít be all that easy to film and edit. You want to make sure that everyone is included and that people never get bored. Theyíve done a good job in that department here at Bubble Butt Orgy. They intersperse wide shots of the entire fuck scene with close ups of particular sluts getting boned. Itís all very smart and well produced and I was pleased to find that most of the girls are really good looking.

I donít know where they found so many sexy black chicks willing to fuck in a hot orgy scene but Iím impressed. You can download or stream each movie but I really recommend a download because the streaming device is a crappy Windows Media Player. The videos are disappointing at only 400x300 and the fact that they call them high quality is a little insulting. If they could improve that this would be a must join site. As it is you have to assess whether youíre willing to sacrifice a little quality for the superior black orgy content.

I was happy with my decision, for sure. Most of the orgies begin with the hot black girls modeling their sexy bodies and that often includes sexy ass spanking and the use of baby oil. Then the blowjobs follow to get the big black dudes hard and finally they get wild with hardcore fucking in every position imaginable. I like it when the guys switch up babes and the girls are just as eager to fuck a new cock. That kind of sluttiness is always fun to see. There are bunches of cumshots to finish each scene and seeing the gals get sprayed is a damn fine time.

Those 22 scenes might leave you feeling a little disappointed when youíve downloaded them all and you no longer know what to do. Thankfully you can turn to the man bonus sites to get your fix. Youíll be pleased to discover that there are two sites that feature orgies and a whole mess more that have black chicks getting fucked. This is one of the best networks for black porn, actually.


Bubble Butt Orgy gives you 22 scenes starring at least five big bootied black chicks and five well hung black dudes. Sometimes there are ten of each! The fucking is incredibly lusty and as the camera spins around the room youíll wish you were there to bone one or two of those sweet babes yourself. The videos are disappointing at only 400x300 and they no longer update but itís still impressive content so itís hard to argue too strenuously against joining. Where else are you going to find this kind of orgy porn?

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